Blues Guitar Licks

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Blues Guitar Licks

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This course is aimed at beginner
and intermediate level players.
It comprises six modules which offer 
reference material in both E-book
and video formats

Modules 1 to 5 each examine one of the
Pentatonic scale patterns, along with an
underlying modal pattern.
The corresponding videos show each scale being played
followed by a series of licks and ideas generated
from those patterns.

Module six  of the course examines  the application
of these ideas across a 12 bar sequence.
In consists of three videos, each of which show
a performance over a backing track.
Each performance is followed with a breakdown
of the licks played across the sequence
Part One is a medium paced blues
Part Two is a slow blues
Part three is a Boogie style blues.

I want this!

You will get a complete introduction into blues scales and how to find them. Plus a video library offering lick ideas from each of the scale position. To get you underway

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